Coach Corner

Coach Alex

I’m so excited to kick off the first ever Mean Green Coach’s Corner with you guys! We are going to bring insight to our personal fitness journeys, goals and tips/tricks with working out. We look forward to you getting to know us as coaches a little better every newsletter!

Fitness has always been apart of my life from a young age with little league softball, high school basketball/softball, college inter-murals and now going on 6 years working at Mean Green. I’ve always found fitness as an outlet and a time to see how far I can challenge myself mentally and physically.

As 2022 is upon us the word I want to focus on is Consistency. Even on the days you may not want to show up to the gym – just come! Showing up for yourself and creating those healthy workout habits is what’s going to build fitness into your lifestyle and not just a phase. Set a weekly goal for yourself to workout at least 3-4 times per week by booking your classes in advance and finding yourself a gym buddy to keep you accountable.

As you keep that consistency this month, I challenge you to focus on 1 aspect of your fitness that you want to improve on. For me personally, it will be my flexibility and mobility. These 2 aspects of fitness are key to that deep squat I’m wanting to achieve like my friend Mui in the 6:15pm class! Carving out 15-30 minutes per day to work on my mobility this month will be my focus. What will your focus be?